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How is your smiling looking? Are there any problem teeth or teeth that are missing altogether? If your smile has any gaps, it does not have to stay that way! Learn how Dr. Ronald Hollander can restore your smile with implant dentistry in Waldorf, Maryland. Call our metro line at 301-893-2000 or our local line at 301-638-2000 for a consultation or stop by to see our dentist and discuss restoration and implant options. Our practice will help answer any questions you have and outline a plan for your new dental implants.

The most ideal way to address a missing tooth is to replace it with a restoration that closely mimics the original. This is where dental implants come in! A dental implant is an excellent tooth replacement option that is both permanent and stable. It can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth or even all of the teeth.

A dental implant consists of two parts: the post and the restoration that caps the post. The post is designed to replace the root of the missing tooth. It is secured in your jawbone to provide the same stable foundation a natural tooth provides. The post is made of titanium, which is very biocompatible, meaning it is accepted readily by the body and fuses well with the jawbone. The fusion is not immediate, however. After the implant post is placed in your jawbone, we must wait until the post successfully fuses with the bone and is completely stable. This usually takes several months. We will follow up with you regularly and ensure the fusion process is going well. Once the fusion is complete, we can proceed to place the actual restoration.

The restoration is the part of your new tooth that will be visible. It may be a crown, bridge or denture depending on your needs. The restoration will be designed to blend in with your other teeth in terms of size, shape and color, and it will be crafted to fit comfortably in your mouth. Because we are dedicated to your comfort and oral health, it may take a few appointments for us to adjust the restoration so that it fits well and looks beautiful.

Replacing a tooth is important for both your appearance and oral function. A complete smile can give you the confidence to smile again, and it can also allow you to eat and speak normally again. Further, a dental implant can prevent your jawbone from shrinking at the site of a missing tooth, and it can last a lifetime with proper care. To schedule a consultation and learn whether dental implants might be the right solution for your smile problems, please give us a call!